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Bitcoin Mixer Blender

The Best Bitcoin Mixer

Our Bitcoin Mixer/Blender will keep your privacy safe using advanced algorithms to sever the link between your old Bitcoins and your new one’s

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Minimum fee for every transaction is 0.0001 BTC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have a 1-24 hour time-frame for sending bitcoin back?

Most bitcoin mixers claim to send new bitcoin back within 15 minutes. Although this is technically feasible, it’s also a little dangerous. If someone is intent on following your transactions (and your mixing service has a set fee), it’s easy to check the blockchain after 15 minutes and calculate the movement of your coins mathematically. Also, during busier periods, confirmations sometimes take longer than the average 10 minutes that we’ve become used to. We would rather our clients be aware of this upfront rather than stressing about where their money is.

Can I trust you with large amounts of BTC?

Our business model is unsustainable without maintaining an outstanding reputation in the crypto community. If you’re still uncertain, we’re happy to mix your large bitcoin order in smaller amounts until it’s all complete.

How many Bitcoin can I mix in one transaction?

The minimum amount that we will mix is 0.02 BTC. The maximum per transaction per hour is 15 BTC. Although we maintain a large supply of bitcoin, depending on how busy we are and to avoid delays, we would appreciate if you stick between these limits. If, however, you use a custom time delay of 3 hours or more, we can accept mixes of 50 BTC per transaction.

What logs are kept?

All logs are permanently deleted from our website after your new coins have been transferred to your wallet. All forwarding entries are removed within 24 hours. Your privacy is our priority!

How Are You the Best Bitcoin Mixer?

Our speed, reliability and price makes us the best bitcoin mixer online. There are no hidden fees, we are always online and are the most trusted mixer currently being used.

What fees do we charge for our service?

As we’ve mentioned, static fees make it easy for someone to analyse the blockchain to find the estimated remaining sum transferred and use this information to locate your destination account, essentially tracking your bitcoins after they’ve been mixed. Instead, we charge a random 0.1-0.5% fee (excluding Bitcoin’s network transaction fees). In this way, your privacy is guaranteed.

Why should I mix my Bitcoins?

Bitcoin was designed to be anonymous, but unfortunately it has not been able to remain that way. All transactions are kept on a public ledger and by following  your transactions, your IP can be connected to your spending habits. This allows people with nefarious intentions to target bitcoin users that they know are wealthy. It’s like having your savings account balance posted on the internet for everyone to see. We have a rotating supply of fresh bitcoin to mix and swap with you daily to improve your privacy. This service is only for bitcoin owners for who want to anonymize their wallets and bitcoin to avoid potential theft of coins (ie. for legal use only).

Is your BTC Mixer safe and legal to use?

Bitcoin Mixers are legal as long as they are helping the community as a service. We completely oppose the use of this service for the cleaning/laundering of dirty Bitcoin. This was the reason that BestMixer was raided and shutdown. Our service is to help our clients maintain their right to privacy. We pride ourselves on providing a safe and friendly bitcoin mixing service that will remain online long after all the others have shutdown.